Group J: Bietigheim-Bissingen

Bietigheim-Bissingen is a city network with around 43,000 inhabitants. The city is located about 20 km north of Stuttgart. The large housing estate Buch, built in the 1970s, follows in its urban conception the basic features of the loosened and structured city. The district consists almost exclusively of residential buildings, which are divided into different types – islands of large housing estates and areas of single-family houses. After major changes in its development, the district has been characterized by stagnation and shrinking processes for years. The existing typologies no longer refer to the lifestyles and ideals of the inhabitants. Inadequate public transport, empty spaces and large car parks dominate the picture.

The question is how to open up and integrate an area such as Bietigheim-Bissingen Buch for the city and how to create new opportunities for the emergence of future-oriented forms of large housing estates. How can existing structures be upgraded, supplemented, rethought and further developed and what program is needed for liveable neighborhoods.

The good life – Part 2

The students of this project follow the idea of community and the return to nature. Independent local production and self-sufficiency are encouraged. The approach of modern architects to design clear structures of mono-function is challenged and new typologies of participation emerge. A Cradle-to-cradle system and the mixture of living, working, production and leisure lead to a lively and liveable new district. Mobility is based on public transport systems for goods and people as well as several bicycle sharing systems. Public and private space is flexibly developed to allow free appropriation by the community. The people have the power to transform their own environment and engage personally with the community.

Marvin Stiewing TU Kaiserslautern
Lucia Karzmirchuk UBA FADU, Buenos Aires
Daniela Paz Valdivia Pizarro UTFSM, Valparaiso
Hajra Mbackie Mzuzu University
Yannik Plachtzik ABK Stuttgart
Prof. Robin Ganser Nürtingen – Geislingen University – Faculty Landscape Architecture, Environment and Urban Planning
Prof. Alfred Ruther Mehlis Nürtingen – Geislingen University – Faculty Landscape Architecture, Environment and Urban Planning


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