Welcome & Opening

The IBA’27-School 2019 is getting started: In the ifa-Galerie, German and international students are welcomed and introduced to the topic »Minimal dwelling as urban practice«‎. Andreas Hofer, director of IBA’27, held the keynote.

Photocredits: Ishika Alim

In five groups, various aspects of the planning area Böckinger Straße are being dealt with. The topic »How to commons«‎ is presented by the University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart (HFT). In a real experiment ideas should be developed with local actors and tested with the neighbours during an intervention day.

Photocredits: Ishika Alim

After a guided tour, first considerations are made in the neighbourhood-garden of the Immanuel-Grözinger-Haus just to get familiar with the place.


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